1. Set aside 50g of the dark chocolate and break the rest of the chocolate into pieces and place into a heatproof bowl along with the peanut butter and maple syrup.
  2. Sit it over a small pan of simmering water, a bain-marie, and wait for the chocolate to melt. Stir the chocolate occasionally and once it has melted, stir in the coconut milk and remove from the heat.
  3. Leave to cool for 5 minutes before stirring in the banana chips, cookies, marshmallows, and cacao nibs.
  4. Once everything is coated, spread the mixture evenly inside each half of the large Easter egg mould, making sure the edges are smooth, so that they will fit together nicely. Keep any leftover mixture in a warm place in case you need to patch up the edges later.
  5. Chill in the fridge for 1 hour, or until set.
  6. Carefully remove the Easter egg halves from the moulds.
  7. Met the remaining 50g chocolate and pour over one half of the egg. Place the other half of the egg on top, so that the two halves stick together, making a whole egg.
  8. Return to the fridge for 15 for the chocolate to harden.
  9. Fill any gaps with the remaining mixture then chill in the fridge to set.
  10. To serve, drizzle over Pics Smooth Peanut Butter, then using a knife, slice the egg into pieces.