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Delicious Matariki S’Mores

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  • Māngohe - marshmallows
  • Pihikete wīti tiakarete - chocolate wheat biscuits
  • Pata nati me ngā kākano - Pic’s Big Mix
  • Tiakarete kua rewaina - melted chocolate


1. Whakatōhia ngā māngohe - toast the marshmallows.
2. Whakatakotoria ki tētahi pihikete wīti tiakarete - place them on a chocolate wheat biscuit.
3. Raua atu te pata nati me ngā kākano - add the Big Mix.
4. Riringihia atu te tiakarete kua rewaina - drizzle on the melted chocolate.
5. Hei whakamutunga, tāpirihia te pihikete tuarua - to finish, add the second biscuit.
6. Enjoy! ✨❤️

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