Pic's Peanut Butter Slugs: A hearty shot of the world's finest smooth PB

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Because Pic truly understands how much peanut butter means to many of us, he gets to hear all sorts of peanut buttery confessions.

A recurring theme is the vague sense of shame many feel about eating Pic’s on a spoon, straight out of the jar. Pic blames this angst on those who classify peanut butter as a spread, fit only for smearing on bread or crackers.

Slug Logo Clear2To counter this misconception, Pic’s has developed the world’s first Peanut Butter Slug. The Slug is 30g of pure peanut butter, double squished to smooth, lightly salted and squashed into a foil tube. AKA a shot of the world's finest peanut butter

WHAT NOT CRUNCHY? Crunchy lovers, this will bring you an appreciation of why Smooth PB exists, as it has done for Pic. The problem with crunchy is the nutty bits. They are too big to go in and too big to come out.

Pic's Slugs are all ready to eat, chock full of protein and free of gluten, dairy and sugar and just about everything except peanuts, soFit Facts2 it really is as healthy as anything.

Always remember THE GOLDEN RULE before tearing off the handy tear-off bit to access the spout: MIX ME UP! KNEAD ME, SQUEEZE ME. Just like our jars of natural peanut butter, the PB does separate, so a good stress-busting pinching and prodding will get your PB squished back together.

Add a banana, and it's breakfast on the go; apple or celery and a slug is a healthy 3pm snack; On vanilla ice cream for pudding, the perfect portion size for your breakfast smoothie. And a perfect fit for even the tightest of trousers or the smallest of handbags.

Slugs are available singularly or in packs of six and are available from most NZ Supermarkets. They are fab for hikers, bikers, workers, swimmers, gymers and snackers.


  • 30g is a decent tablespoonful for a hit of protein, fibre and good fats aka Pocket Fuel
  • Ready to eat just give your slug a very good squeeze to mix it in, as being all natural, our PB separates
  • Free of gluten, dairy, and added sugars
  • No weird stuff!