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You should be able to buy these lovely 380g glass jars at any shop anywhere in the world, but you can't do it just yet. New Zealand's good, Australia and Singapore are well on the way, but you'd have a bit of a journey to get one at a shop in a lot of other places.

So until your corner store gets these babies on their shelf, you can get them from us. Unfortunately it will cost you a bit, but once you have one, you can show it to the folks who run your local shop, tell them why they need to get it, and promise to be their most regular customer. 

That way, when we get around to calling on them, they'll be pumped as anything and will order boxes and boxes. And then you, you clever thing, will have all the Pic's you need, right there at your corner store.

  • 380g Glass.
  • Available in Salt or No Salt varieties.
  • Weight: 13.4oz (380g)

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Lovers of Pic's Peanut Butter often ask what do the little images mean on the jars? Pic explains. Sort of.

Review 'ELEGANZA – SMOOTH 380g'

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  1. Best peanut butter ever!!!

  2. YUM

    Best peanut butter!

  3. Porridges bedt friend

    Stir through a blob each winter morning. Love winter!

  4. Yummy

    The best

  5. Scrumptious!!

    Would probably go for the crunchy next time. But the smooth version is great for smoothies. Both are brilliant, taste wise.

  6. Totally addicted

    Can't go a day without having at least a spoonful.

  7. Super addictive peanut butter

    A friend gave me a jar in Australia, with the recommendation that it was the best peanut butter ever. It turned out he was right!! Love the roasted peanut flavour. When the jar had run out I was glad see that I could order it in the U.K.
    Great customer service on the website as well.