EL GROSSO – Crunchy 1Kg (1Kg Crunchy)


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You want value for money? Here's value for money by golly.

This hulking one Kilogram jar (2.2 pounds to you imperialists), was built to travel. Gone is the gorgeous, traditional glass Pic's jar and in its place is a thoroughly modern HPTE* bodied, PVC* lidded space capsule thing that weighs next to nothing and is ridiculously strong. It's the same plastic ordinary peanut butter makers use, but a much more useful shape, short and fat, which lets you get a knife right to the bottom.

This is important, because you may need to give your Pic's a really good mixing before you eat it. If it's been jiggled around en route, the oil in your peanut butter can rise to the surface while the solids dive for the bottom. So get a stout knife and mix mix mix it up. If you eat the oily stuff off the top, then get to the bottom of the jar and find it dry, you will only have yourself to blame. A handy trick once you've done your mixing is to store your jar upside down, which confuses the oil so it doesn't know which way is up.

* Only available in crunchy because the extra grinding required by smooth peanut butter makes it too hot and the jar wilts.

Available in salt.

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  • Weight: 2lb 3.2740oz (1Kg)

Product Videos

Caravan Tour

The Big Toaster on the road touring New Zealand and offering peanut butter to kiwis.

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  1. Spread the Pic’s PB

    On sourdough, crackers, rice cakes .... layer with chocolate spread, jam, banana, nectarines, kiwi fruit ... on a teaspoon

  2. Brain stuff

    not only the quality taste but;\\n\\nPeanuts, on the other hand, produce higher delta responses, making them especially beneficial for increasing immune function, strengthening natural healing ability, and inducing deep, restful sleep.\\n\\nJust in case some need a better excuse!

  3. The best peanut butter!

    Great quality! The best peanut butter on the market.

  4. ❤️❤️❤️

    Love love love this peanut butter!! I eat it with most things and on its own. Sadly my local supermarkets have stopped selling it here in

  5. Best Ever

    Best Peanut Butter ever.

  6. Sooooo goooood

    Best ever!! So delicious. Yumo!!!

  7. Only peanut butter for me.

  8. A bit of NZ in Luxembourg

    We’ve been to NZ several times now, and having Pic’s peanut butter on our breakfast table brings a piece of NZ to Luxembourg! Just love it! Thanks