Pics says

Welcome Picster! If you wish to send your Peanut Butter outside of your region then please select another store.


Hi there Picsters of America! 

We know you know your peanut butter,  which is why we think you deserve the BEST Peanut Butter NZ has to offer - in fact, we're even so bold as to say it's the best in the entire universe! 

So we made things super easy for you, you can get it straight from US Pic's, or Amazon US or head along to one or many of these fantastic stores: Erewhon, Bristol Farms, Milk Street, or Central Market, as well as a bunch of others (we've got a long list) - so keep your eyes peeled as you may find a sneaky jar in your local

Nothing in your area and can't live without your Pic's fix? Send us an email to and we'll see what we can do, so get your spoon ready!

And of course, make sure you look us up if you find yourself in New Zealand, we'd love to show you around our home Peanut Butter World in sunny Nelson!