1. Preheat oven to 180°
  2. Place all the pie crust ingredients in the food processer bar the coconut oil and combine.
  3. Slowly add the coconut oil until contents form a dough ball.
  4. Remove and chill in fridge for 20 mins before use.
  5. Add spices, Peanut Butter and maple syrup to the pumpkin puree. Taste and add more spice or sweetness as desired!
  6. Gently mix through the eggs and cream
  7. Remove dough from fridge, divide into two and roll between to 2 sheets of baking paper to prevent sticking. Line your pre greased, loose bottom pie dish with the dough and repeat for second pie
  8. Pop crusts in oven for 10 minutes to get some colour and cook the base.
  9. Remove and add half the peanut pumpkin pie filling to each dish
  10. Return to oven and cook for approx 30 minutes until the sides are set and centre still has a little wobble. If over-baked the pie will crack.
  11. Serve direct from the dish for a hot treat or leave to cool for 2-3 hours and remove pie from tray.