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Pic's Honey

Rata and Clover

Pic’s likes to help out. Whether it’s via our peanut growers, our local boysenberry farmers - or our Nelson Tasman community. It’s important for us, that everything we put our name on goes beyond just being good on toast. For instance, our peanut butter helps small growers all over the world establish an international business. Our Jelly helps our mate Glenn down the road showcase his Boysenberries to the planet.

But honey?

This might be our best one yet.

Simply put, we, humans and this planet we live on, need bees. They play an essential part in our eco-system; you know the bit about the birds and the bees, well that part too.  Being very clever, bees buzz about working really hard doing their bee business – what a life. Well, introduce one big problem for all bees, Pests. While selling honey doesn’t solve this problem, housing and feeding bees does.

Which is why we work with the award-winning Terry from Biohoney. They only work with master beekeepers, often second or third generation beekeeping guardians, doing beekeeping the right way. They even created a fancy logo to give out to the few who love bees, trees and our land; those who work with the local Iwi, as the ultimate guardians, and who enable us to showcase the bees' lives work to the world.

He scoured the South Island (home to Pic’s Peanut Butter World in sunny Nelson) to find us something we’d be proud to put our name on.

Rata is our Master-Beekeepers favourite honey, which is why you’ve probably never heard of it before. The Rata tree only flowers once every few years, making it one of New Zealand’s rarest delicacies. This is one for the top shelves and those special treats.

Growing up, New Zealand’s favourite honey was Clover. It was also Pic’s favourite honey too, smeared on hot buttery toast made for him by his Mum. All our best farmland was planted in clover, and when walking across a paddock in bare feet one always had to be on the lookout for bees. The rich, fruity clover honey was everybody’s favorite back then. Manuka, at that time, was considered second rate honey; Like our peanut butter, our new clover honey tastes like your old childhood.  Without the lab testing and big numbers, whatever they mean. It’s just really good honey.

We don’t like the idea of mixing stuff together to make it fancier, we don’t think you do either. It’s what our bees like and our beekeepers too. Our carefully procured honey is less processed so retaining more good enzymes than conventionally processed stuff. This helps support you and your tummy health.

Ultimately though, it was all about something that tastes really, really good. We need it to fit in with our line-up, of Kiwi’s best-loved spreads.