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A hearty slug of smooth, slightly salted Pic's Peanut Butter Slugs

Healthy snack action!

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Because Pic truly understands how much peanut butter means to many of us, he gets to hear all sorts of peanut butterly confessions.

A recurring theme is the vague sense of shame many feel about eating Pic’s on a spoon, straight out of the jar. Pic blames this angst on those who classify peanut butter as a spread, fit only for smearing on bread or crackers.

5star4noaddedTo counter this misconception, Pic’s has developed the world’s first Peanut Butter Slug. The Slug is pure peanut butter, ground smooth, lightly salted and squashed into a foil tube. It contains 30g – a lot more than you’d put on your toast unless you were really hungry or really generous.

It’s all ready to eat, chock full of protein and free of gluten, dairy and sugar and just about everything except peanuts, so it really is as healthy as anything. Add a banana and it's breakfast on the go; apple or celery and a slug is a healthy 3pm snack; On vanilla ice cream for pudding, the perfect portion size.

Robustly packaged in a sensuous peanut butter resistant foil tube, slugs fit snugly into the pocket of even the tightest trousers, molding to and moving with the body in a manner that no food has ever done before.

Slugs are available singularly or in packs of six. The six packs used to come with a highly collectible little red bulldog clip that lets you reseal your slug to enjoy later. However, a straw poll of Pic's eaters determined the clip was utterly unnecessary, as the whole slug was consumed in 99% of cases. They are now being used by the desk dwellers at Pic's for filing really important paperwork and receipts. Before opening, you just need to give the slug a good squish and squeeze.

Available from both New World and Countdown, they are fab for hikers, bikers and lunchers and for anytime you need a snack that isn’t loaded with sugar.