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Matatū, the South Island's Women's Super-Rugby Squad

Needless to say, athletes need really good food to fuel them in their field. So we were super happy to be able to support Matatū by giving them a whole lot of the good stuff. This will go towards their members' packs to help them grow their sport within our region

Read more about what the squad is up to here

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North West Passage - the expedition of our time

The Expedition

In 2023 an international team of adventurers and ocean rowers will attempt to row the Northwest Passage, the arctic route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans considered the Last Great First. This expedition is only possible because the region's climate is changing, and the sea ice is retreating each year gradually opening the route from July to September.  

The expedition will follow the 3,700km arctic route from Baffin Island, Canada, to Point Barrow, Alaska and will draw attention to the changing environment, collecting meaningful data for climate scientists at New York University and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup. 

As well as a feat of human endurance, the expedition will highlight the worlds changing environment in one of its most fragile regions, the arctic ocean. The expedition team is international and diverse, led by multiple world ocean rowing record holder Leven Brown of Jedburgh. The expedition has signed heads of terms with film producers with a view to filming the challenge for the likes of Discovery and NetFlix.

The expedition is expected to take 60 days, and can be tracked by App, with progress along the way being live-streamed on satellite equipment. The NWP team will also be carrying out research for New York University, and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

Amazing right! Read more on their website

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Bellyful are a small but growing charity that provides free yummy frozen meals to anyone with babies or young children, who need some support.

These could be people who have a new baby and have no whānau nearby, or they could have a sick toddler, a parent doing it tough mentally, or just be needing a break from cooking for a few nights.

Bellyful is powered by more than 580 volunteers in 25 branches across the motu. The volunteers are crucial, they simply could not fill bellies without them cooking, delivering, and running branches.

Bellyful nourishes and connects communities by cooking and delivering meals to whānau, with babies or young children, who need support. Our aim is to encourage whānau to accept help and support from their local community - just like our grandparents did!

Parenting is hard work, so why not take all the help that’s offered? Let’s all help each other out and build a stronger community in the process. Refer a whānau or yourself by finding your local Bellyful branch here 

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Wakefield School Twilight Gala

Wakefield School is a semi-rural primary school, with a roll of approximately 270 pupils. The school prides itself on providing the children of Wakefield and outlying areas with a positive learning environment and quality education.

The Wakefield School PTA is a group of volunteer parents and teachers who raise funds to support the school. The main fundraising event for us every year is a gala and this year their gala will take place on Saturday 5th November from 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm.

As well as raising funds the gala creates an opportunity for people to come together and celebrate the culture and friendliness of our rural community.

Their aim is to provide a fantastic afternoon/evening out, celebrate the achievements of the children and enjoy the usual gala activities such as stalls, food, and activities, including a silent auction (you could score yourself a bucket of Pic's here!).

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NZ Poetry slam

With our founder Pic being a big fan of poetry, we couldn't resist supporting the team at the NZ Poetry Slam Nationals with some of the good stuff. Have you ever spotted poems on our labels? They're there for the super observant of you...

Come experience the most electric, hilarious, and powerful spoken stories in the country at the 12th annual New Zealand Poetry Slam National Final. The top poets from across Aotearoa have been battling it out in their own cities and now it all comes down to this!

The poets compete in three rounds of competition and their fates are in the hands of the audience: five random audience members will be chosen to determine the winner of cash prizes and bragging rights as the 2022 National Poetry Slam Champion. Although a competition, the point is not the point, the point is the poetry!

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Food for love

Last week our Peanut Butter Makers pic'ed the very first In a Nutshell donation recepient, so without further ado, we would like to tell you all about the amazing team at Food For Love, based in Wānaka

Founded in 2016, Food For Love is a charitable organisation that provides a free home-cooked meal to people in need in the Wānaka region. Recipients are nominated by someone in our local community and are generally going through a challenging time, such as illness, bereavement, relationship, or financial difficulties.

Food For Love’s vision is to nourish the community and nurture social connections through nutritious food. The aim is to ensure that no one in the Wānaka region is without a meal if they need one. The team of volunteers prepare nourishing meals from within their own homes and deliver these to their recipients.

In addition, bulk-cooked meals are provided by another team for the elderly at weekends or at other times as necessary. All meals are then delivered to the recipient's homes by an additional group of volunteers.

They work closely with local Community Networks, Rotary groups, medical centres, churches, Plunket, and local midwives to ensure that no one in need is missed.

In the year April 2021 – March 2022, their team provided 4,866 meals to the Upper Clutha Community. With the anticipation that this number will continue to grow, both as a result of ongoing inflationary and economic pressures across New Zealand, and population growth.

As a charitable organisation, Food For Love relies solely on grants and donations and asked us to donate our peanut butter to use in a variety of their meals including in satay sauces and baking. We're happy to report that they now have some buckets of the good stuff heading their way! 

You can read more about the really good things they're doing here 

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