As a Pic’s eater you know not all nuts are equal. Pic’s use Australian hi-oleic peanuts, considered by us to be the tastiest peanuts about. Their high levels of good fats also mean our peanut butter stays fresher for longer, giving Pic’s a crunchier crunch and a long shelf life. Until opened. Then a jar of Pic’s will last about a week, on average, in any peanut butter lover’s pantry. But even amongst our beautiful distinguished Australian hi-oleic runners there can be seasonal differences. Even between neighbouring peanut farms. So while we can be consistent in our roast, as an all natural peanut butter, these seasonal variations can make a difference in what ends up in your jars.

So what is an all natural product. It means we’re not messing with nature. We just fresh roast those peanuts, grind, add salt to the salted varieties and pop our freshly made peanut butter in a jar. You can even come and see us make it! Nothing else added.

Simple right? Easier than following a recipe that also adds extra oil, sugar, preservatives and emulsifiers.

Well the fancy TV shows and chefs are right. With a simple recipe you gotta use the best ingredients and let them shine. Ingredients matter. And if our ingredients are testing lighter in moisture or are smaller in size, this means we can adapt our roast. Our quality checks are done hourly and involve colour, smell, consistency, flavour (not too salty) and taste. If you visit the factory you’ll get to see the charts, in the factory windows, that record these every day. We work to a range that we think produces an acceptable product for you guys to eat and most importantly enjoy.

Very, very occasionally, you might pick up a jar and it may be a little runnier, if it’s smooth, or a little drier, if it’s crunchy. That there are the highs and dries of making a natural peanut butter. So rather than adding extra oil or sugar, to balance out those little natural blips, if you are ever unhappy with your jar, get in touch and let us know [email protected].

Why have a picture of two jars then? That is how many peanuts go into one 380g of Pic’s Crunchy. Chocca-full of natural peanut buttery, good stuff.