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Pic's is a keen supporter of Tasman based charities, fundraisers, community groups and schools, especially their Breakfast clubs, well done us too we also support both the Nelson Arts Festival and Light Nelson. You might not know this either but Pic's supports OzHarvest, KiwiHarvest and now UKHarvest too

As a former mentor for these guys, Pic has teamed Pic's up with Big Brother Big Sisters for three years of support and friendship

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You may have also seen in the fine print of our labels, that for every jar returned to us in Nelson, we donate .50c to The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary. But hang on to those jars you can do loads of things with them aside from just using them for jam and chutneys.


Pic's & CCAP

Pic's has been working with C-CAP, a charity based in the USA that has been transforming lives through the culinary arts for 25 years, for three years. Pic visited these guys when he was last over and was pretty chuffed to meet some of the kids cooking with Pic's. Year one we had the idea that each C-CAP school could get creative and come up with a fun Springtime and healthy recipe using our peanut butter, Year two was all about Festival Food. This year we are hoping to work with the entire C-CAP organisation that has seven homes across America. Check out some of the recipes on our recipe pages.

Pic’s will then create a recipe card with the winning recipe and name of the school and  students that created it and give this out at Pic's next Bristol Farms Pic’s PB sampling sessions.