Every by-product we use we try and re-use again and give to a home that can do something new with it.

Ian winery2

Ian at his winery

Ian, from the wonderful and organic Sunset Valley Vineyard in Upper Moutere, comes in and collects the 50 giant sheets of cardboard that arrive each week between the layers of glass jars. He’s thrilled about this because it makes perfect mulch to keep the weeds down. No need for nasty weed spray! He’s got a heap of seedlings to plant in the months ahead so he’s busy stockpiling for when digging starts in earnest. Without any prompting on our part (but much to our delight) Ian decided he’d give us a couple of bottles of his fine wine each time he drops by. There hasn’t been any fisticuffs yet amongst the staff about whose turn it is to snaffle one but it’s surely only a matter of time because Ian’s wine is fabulous. It’s not just us who think that. He recently took away a first and a third place at the inaugural NZ Organic Wine Awards.

Dargaville Market 300x225

Dargaville Market

Dargaville Market Jason arranging flowers.jpg 300x182

Reuse our Glass Jar Returns

Empty peanut butter jars. We’ll always shouting Re-USE and as those of you who read the small print on our labels know, we give 50c for every jar returned to us at the Nelson Market to the Brook Waimarama Bird Sanctuary. When Pic was up in the top of the north island on his Big Toaster Tour in February 2014 he came across a neat organisation called The Greenways Trust in Dargaville. It runs a residential farm for people with intellectual disabilities and they make and grow all sorts of neat things. Flowers, fruit, veges, chopping boards…and relishes. (They sell these goodies at the Dargaville Market every Thursday from 2 – 5:30pm and at the Mangawhai Market every Saturday from 9 -1 if you’d like to have a look). Pic heard they were buying glass jars. “Don’t do that!” he exclaimed. “You can have ours!” And so once a month a little crate load of empty Pic’s jars wend its way up the country to the nice people at Greenways.

Peanut Sacks fund pony rides7

But wait, there’s more! Our tasty Kingaroy peanuts arrive off the container ship in giant white sacks. They’re very sturdy, well-made sacks and it turns out, just the thing for the lovely people over at Riding for the Disabled. A great group of volunteers see to it that disabled children get to learn to ride. They do lots of fundraising and one of their ongoing projects is selling horse manure for folk to put on their gardens. Our sacks are perfect for this! So every few weeks or so Alex pops in and takes away the latest haul.

Natureland Capuchin Monkey 300x275

Waste PB for our furry friends and foe

Last but not least…we only give our wonderful customers the freshest peanut butter we can make. So every morning when we switch on all the gadgets and levers we collect up the peanut butter that’s been sitting in the pipes overnight and put it in a big bucket. We give it to the Brook Waimarama Bird Sanctuary where they use the salted stuff for possum and rat traps. The unsalted peanut butter goes to birds that are in shabby shape and need feeding up. But we have more than they can use so we also give some to Natureland, where their shabby birds get peanut butter too. But even more fantastically, the monkeys get a special treat every Sunday of a peanut butter sandwich! We’re not making this up – they really do!
So there you have it, folks. We’ve got to know some really cool people through “upcycling” some of our stuff. And all of the stuff is going to good causes. Kermit the Frog was wrong when he said it’s not easy being green!