Secrets and lies from the unseen, glue smeared world behind Pic’s labels – a world those who chuck their empty jars in the sink and scrub off their labels with a pot mitt, will never discover.
The trick to getting your label off intact is to soften its glue by warming up the jar. Pop it in the microwave for ten seconds, or fill it with hot water and leave it for a few minutes. Your label should then peel off easily – albeit with a sticky coating. Which can be covered with cling film if you want to archive it.
What you might find
1. Nothing. Not all our labels were created equal. At the time of writing, only the 380g jars bear secret messages and even then, not all of them.
2. Poems. We commissioned Bill Smith, now one of New Zealand’s most widely published poets, to write for us. These are no nasty bits of doggerel, but serious pieces worthy of a darkened corner, a glass of wine and perhaps a box of tissues. Bill has also published small volumes under pseudonyms, which are available HERE.
3. An appalling, bogus plea from a disgruntled ex-employee, Ahmed Crundlestein, who claimed to be held in our factory against his will. Any such messages should be destroyed at once.
4. Coupons. Coupons began appearing on the back of our labels in December 2014. These will be redeemable for valuable goods and services so when you find them make sure you email us at and we’ll fill you in. In the meantime, DONT THROW THEM AWAY.