An array of the completely true stories mostly to do about Peanut Butter


1: The Great Roaster Crash of 2008

Back in the days when we called our peanut butter homemade and really meant it, the arrival of our first roaster caused a great deal of excitement. Just days later, our brand new concrete mixer with the pneumatic tyres and stainless steel bowl, shimmied itself across the basement to the edge of the drive and the entire enterprise appears doomed….

2. Lovingly Stuck Labels Suck

Initially touted as a special point-of-difference and proof of the individual attention your jars of peanut butter receive, the hand sticking of labels rapidly becomes a soul destroying task that threatens staff equanimity and raises mental health and safety issues.

3: What is This Man Doing?

This is Sean – peanut roaster, grinder and famous keyboard player. He also edits videos, and had a small part in working on these magnificent productions.
This film shows Sean roasting and grinding and putting on lids.
It is shot in what we now call the old factory. One day soon we will be able to show you the new factory.
I bet you can’t wait.

4. An Out Take

Here you see Pic, deftly putting the lid on the original roaster while it is in motion!. The lid has been a poor fit since the great roaster crash. Fitting it is no easy task, but Pic does his best.