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Just tap in your location and our magic machine will do the rest to find you, your nearest indie stockists. WARNING: No doubt a lot of you will still have to order through our online stores. Don’t dismay, we offer a speedy service.

You can also find a whole new online world of Pic's stockists including lots of the Amazons - Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.co.jp, Raw Bites, Fair PriceThe Food Market, Caprera, Jo-Ann & May’s Online Gourmet Food, New Viet ShopSanza.co.uk, TMall.com and Zingermans.com

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Pic's Peanut Butter is going worldwide!

Pics ShibuyaINSIST that your favourite store stocks your favourite peanut butter.

Write our web address in big bold letters on the managers desk. Take them your almost empty jar so they can picture it on their shelves, and leave a tiny bit for them to try. So they really understand how much you care. Once on shelf, your local shopkeeper will love you for introducing them and their customers to the world's finest peanut butter.. 

We have a handy widget, just below, that will work out where your nearest independent stockist of Pic’s is, if you are so lucky to have one.

Rather than list all the big guys, that stock Pic's in NZ and Australia, we have these very colourful logos below, which serve as links. More handiness.