Peanut Butter Slugs 6 pack


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Pic’s Peanut Butter Slugs (shots of the world's finest smooth peanut butter) are perfect for bikers, hikers and lunchers - a hearty slug of protein anywhere, anytime you need it.

Freshly roasted, freshly squished - a shot of our really good smooth peanut butter in a handy pocket-sized, single-serve sachet. A natural plant-based protein source. With 50% Australian Ingredients, it’s just Hi Oleic peanuts and sea salt - no weird stuff. Made by your PB Makers at PB World, Nelson.

Ideal for bikers, balloonists, backpackers, mountaineers, mothers, miners, military personnel, dogs, divers, diabetics, gamers, gardeners, golfers, naturalists, naturists, nutritionists, truckers, trampers, tunnellers, travellers of every description, vegetarians, ventriloquists and vegans. All those times when you wish you had Pic's but hadn't packed a jar. 

We also have a 5-star Health Rating just to show everyone how fancy we are. Just like our PB, we are gluten and dairy-free, vegan-friendly with no added sugar!  We've always said we're really good now, haven't we?


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  1. Obsessed with Pic’s

    Super yum snack for us peanut butter lovers.

  2. The BEST tramping food

    We took these up into Speagrass in St Arnaud and they were perfect for a quick energy hit when we didn\\\'t want to stop for lunch and get cold. Filled us up and kept us going into Angelus. Perfect!

  3. Want more

    They are so delicious and one couldn’t find them anywhere. Very hard to come by ..

  4. Slug lover

    I searched high and low and far and wide to get hold of these after having the fortune of trying them with meal delivery service. \\nGreat peanut butter and the slugs make cooking with them so easy! I love them so much I bought 3 boxes!

  5. Great for hiking trips

    Love these individual peanut slugs, they are perfect for hiking trips when you can\\\'t be carying a whole tub of peanut butter.

  6. Great snack

    Really handy snack to keep up the energy without the sugar. Its just a bit icky trying to get that last bit out from the packet when I tear it open. \\nPlant-based plastic packaging would be a great next step for Pics

  7. please come to australia

    These are so handy and delicious! I discovered them during a recent holiday to NZ, but couldn\\\'t buy them anywhere back in Australia. Actually I loved them so much I ordered more online - but I\\\'m sure they\\\'d sell well here too!

  8. Awesome

    Nice quick snack. Only issue is it can be hard to open. Needs a little guide slit so I can easily open them with my shaky paws.