Boysenberry Jelly


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Product Description

Not jam, nor is it us trying to be quirky and American. It's a legal requirement. There’s not enough sugar in it for us to be able to call it jam; you can though. Boysenberries grown by my mate Glen up the road; freshly crushed, cooked and jarred. Like your grandmothers, but a tad less special. It’s smooth, seedless, and flavourful.

Grab yourself a jar of our new Boysenberry Jelly to partner our PB. We are even so bold as to say this is the perfect match, of tart fruit, and fresh crunchy, nutty, peanut butter. It's Kiwiana on toast.

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  1. Really really good

    I like it, it tastes homemade

  2. Best Jam EVER

    Hands down the best jam I have ever tasted!!

  3. Yum Yum

    Needs to be sold in Australia

  4. i love you pic!!!

    keep up the great work team!! i loved visiting the factory