Almond Butter


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Product Description

We made our first batches of Almond Butter in 2014, just as the world started going almond crazy.

Today’s there’s almond milk, almond cheese, almond shampoo, almond sausages, and goodness knows what else. We’re not saying it’s a trend we started, but we are now helping make almonds hard to get and really expensive.

Pic’s Almond Butter contains only almonds, not even a bit of salt to make them go further. We could make ourselves useful by not buying almonds at all, but the little bit of almond butter we made built up such a following that we’ve had to buy all the South Australian almonds we can get our hands-on. Unfortunately, that’s not very much, so if you spot a jar of Pic’s Almond Butter, buy it. It’s rare and it’s absolutely delicious.

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  1. Smoothie delicious

    The absolute best almond butter! Fantastic in smoothies, gives the smoothie a velvety mouth coating deliciousness. I’ve tried other brands but nothing compares to this one!

  2. Creamy goodness

    I live in Australia but come from Marlborough & absolutely love the almond butter I wish I could get a massive jar!

  3. super!

    Best Almond butter by far.I bought this New Zealand and when I got back to the UK I just had to go on the hunt for more, please make it available in UK supermarkets!

  4. The best

    Sticks my teeth together with goodness. Most can make a decent peanut butter but this is the best almond butter I\\\'ve tasted. Not gritty at all.