380g Carton Crunchy (8)


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Proper crunchy; big bits, little bits and everything in-between. Freshly roasted in our oven, squashed in our squashers and jarred by our jarrers at Pic’s Peanut Butter World in Nelson. A natural plant-based protein source. With 50% Australian Ingredients, it’s 100% Hi Oleic peanuts in here - no weird stuff.

One jar for you, two for friends, 3rd jar for the car, 4th for Mum or Dad, jar 5 goes to the hostess with the mostest for her dinner invite, jar 6 goes into the office to avoid cake and muffin birthday snacking, 7 is the last minute gift and 8 is to sit in the back of the pantry, so you'll always have a jar of Pic's.

This is definitely peanut butter worth eating.

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  1. Best peanut butter

    I've tried plenty of different brands but Pics is my favourite, just need to sell it at more shops, only Tesco's around here!

  2. Supplies

    I discovered Pics at our local farmer\\\'s market and was hooked. When Pics stopped doing the stall, I was bereft.\\nNow I can lay in supplies. Ordering was easy, delivery and packaging good.

  3. Best peanutbutter ever!\\nThank you.