250ml Peanut Oil


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Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin. Tasty and good.

Made from the first crush of Australia’s unique Hi Oleic peanuts - the very same fresh tasty nuts we use in our peanut butter - no scraps from the floor for our oil, Pic’s Peanut Oil is full of flavor, natural antioxidants and is low in cholesterol.

An exceptional cooking oil.

An exceptional oil that can be used in dips, marinades, dressings and is an essential ingredient in Asian cookery. Check the Pic's recipes for ideas for use, from our foodie friends Hopgoods.

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Pic's Peanut Oil

Not all peanut oils are the same, just like not all peanut butter is the same. Our peanut oil is made with the same hi-oleic edible nuts as our peanut butter.

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  1. The good oil

    This stuff is great. I order it when I order my peanut butter and use it for cooking and to keep the oil level of the large buckets of peanut butter just right.

  2. Pic.... ture....... perfect!!!

    We recently purchased Pic's Peanut Oil and it has been a pleasure and a pleasant surprise to cook with. Top marks Pic's for a No. 1 product!!!

  3. Best chips

    Pic's peanut oil, is far superior to any supermarket brand and it makes the best oven chips!