Canon Garth; the guys who introduced us to our peanut growers in Zambia, introduced us to some peanut growers in Brazil after Australia suffered further peanut shortages.

We never intended to sail past the Tasman Sea - but once we had, we found a truly collaborative industry. Instead of searching for the perfect peanut to put in our jar, we started searching for good people to add to our story. They’re the ones growing the perfect peanuts, after all!

A few decades ago, Nilton and his father Natalino started selling peanuts around Sao Paulo - a bit of a novelty, considering Brazil’s main nut crops are cashews and of course, Brazil nuts.

But the climate was good and the peanuts even better.

This year, they reached the criteria of BRCGS’s- a prestigious certification that proves they’re a business for good - they look after their growers, staff, and in turn; you and I.

Once I can, I’ll be on a plane over to give you both a proper introduction.
You’ll like each other, but in the meantime, enjoy the peanut butter, you’ll like it, too. 

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