Lovely to see you Peanut Butterer


Our original source of Hi Oleic peanuts from our cousins over the ditch.

First off, let’s address the New Zealand/Australian family feud. There isn’t one, really. Who cares who invented the pavlova, or whether you should say thongs or jandals, or the right way to pronounce ‘fish and chips’? Australians grow some fantastic peanuts. We roast and squash them in that signature ‘Really Good’ way. It all comes together like a handshake between old friends.

We’ve used these golden, Kingaroy grown, Hi Oleic peanuts since the arrival of Pic’s on your supermarket shelves. These guys grow incredible peanuts; however, supply is limited due to some radical changes to their climate. There is no denying it, Australia is getting hotter!

The droughts in 2019 meant the peanut harvest took a huge hit and many farmers had to make the decision to grow less fragile crops. It hasn’t been an easy change for us. We’ve met these farmers, stood on their fields during harvest, and have always been in awe of their incredible facilities. Their story is a huge part of ours, so the decision to source other peanuts was not one that we made lightly. We’ll always get as many Australian peanuts as we can. 

In saying that, we’re pretty stoked with our peanut blends.

Don’t worry – we aren’t short-changing you by sourcing peanuts from other countries. We only use the highest quality Hi Oleic peanuts and we reckon the slight flavour nuances really give our peanut butter an edge.

Tasting notes: You’ll find that just like coffee beans or wine, peanuts will pick up slight flavour nuance from different soils.