The original.

These are the peanuts you're expecting. After all, we’ve used these golden Hi Oleic peanut religiously since our arrival to your supermarket shelves almost a decade ago. We’ve met the farmers, stood on their fields for harvest, and in their factories for processing - we’ve shared their stories with you; and their recent hardships.

Australia let us know last year that their supply would be dwindling for the foreseeable future - an accumulation of droughts and flooding meant that lots of our guys have moved on to less fragile crops for a short while.

It’s not forever.

These guys have been growing peanuts for generations, and all know their importance to you, our peanut butter lovers.

They’ll get back to it and in turn, by us still being around, their peanuts will get back to you too.

It may not be the 100% capacity you’re used to. But we’ve found ridiculously wonderful people growing superb peanuts from all over the world that we'd like to share with you.