Our farmers in Australia have had a pretty tough time of late, due to some nasty weather which in turn has impacted our overall peanut supply.

We love our Australian farmers, we love our visits- and theirs too.
But with necessity being the mother of invention, we had to scour every corner of the globe to find a peanut just as delicious to fill in for a while.

What we found wasn't just a quick fill-in.
But an incredible peanut, grown by spectacular people- worthy of a chapter in this story of ours.

Pic quickly packed up his bags and flew to the birthplace of our civilization.  

The home of lions, pyramids, and as it turns out- our new peanut butter growers.

In Zambia, peanuts have been a staple crop for decades, mostly by grown by women and sold at the local markets to supplement their income.

As a result of using and reusing outdated seed- the crops typically produce a low yield making it impossible to invest in improved seed, irrigation, and fertilizer- continuing a cycle of small crops with small returns.

That was until Canon Garth came along.

With a background in seed development and export - they recognized the social impact possible by working with these tiny growers; supplying world-class seeds, leasing them land, machinery, and providing expert training before purchasing the peanuts back from the farmers to export. 

Giving small holdings an international business, and us; really good peanuts.

So what does this mean?

It means that while Australia is having a shortage of peanuts, you don’t have to experience a shortage of our peanut butter.

For the next while, you’ll have a few Zambian peanuts cuddled up with the Australian ones in your jar.
It’s nice, they get along well - as we all should.

Does it taste different?

You might not notice a difference as it’s still the same variety as our Australian ones, but if you do; that’s fine.
It’s a different peanut - one that brings us new characters in our story, and you, a new peanut butter. 

One that’s just as spectacular and flavourful as before.  

XX Pic