Lovely to see you Peanut Butterer


Our farmers in Australia have had a pretty tough time of late, due to some nasty weather which in turn has impacted our overall peanut supply.

We love our Australian farmers, we love our visits- and theirs too.
But with necessity being the mother of invention, we had to scour every corner of the globe to find a peanut just as delicious to fill in for a while.

What we found wasn't just a quick fill-in.
But an incredible peanut, grown by spectacular people- worthy of a chapter in this story of ours.

Pic quickly packed up his bags and flew to the birthplace of our civilization.  



The home of lions, pyramids, and as it turns out, our peanut butter growers.

In Zambia, peanuts have been a staple crop for decades, mostly grown by women and sold at the local markets to supplement their family’s income.

Peanuts remained a locally sold product for a long time, as the farmers only had access to old, poor quality seed that had done the rounds, so to say. Their crops typically produced a low yield making it impossible to reinvest in improved seed, irrigation, or fertiliser. It seemed there would be no end to this cycle of small crops with small returns; that was until Canon Garth came along. They recognised the potential for huge social impact by combining their background in seed development and export with local grower’s soil expertise. 

Canon Garth supply world-class seeds, lease land and machinery and provide expert training before purchasing peanuts back from farmers to export. All for giving smallholdings better opportunities and us really good peanuts

We introduced these peanuts to our jar in February 2020.

You might not notice a difference as it’s still the same variety as our Australian ones, but if you do; that’s fine. It’s a different peanut - one that brings us new characters in our story, and you, a new peanut butter.